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Greetings from Crazyville is all about Mom’s Apple Pie, “hey, let’s watch an old movie”, lots of chrome and giant tail-fins, Peggy Lee, Lana Turner, and those little plastic monkeys you hang on drinks. It's smoking at your desk, having martinis at lunch, men wearing ties, women wearing gloves, and nobody having to wear seat belts! You only go around once (unless you’re stuck on a merry go round, which could get you all dizzy) and the wisdom to know the difference. Everybody Mambo!

Sometimes being pointless is the point.

Greetings from Crazyville are cards inspired by half-remembered images from our childhoods, like stuff we saw on TV or overheard when our parents had company. They combine design cues from the past with an edgy, contemporary sense of humor and subject matter to create something fresh and different.

Creative Director/Illustrator Rae Crosson has always had an odd sense of humor, and a slightly "skewed" way of looking at things. He has an intense fascination for anything retro, (particularly from the late 50's / early 60's) and has always loved telling stories and making up all kinds of crazy junk. Finally, in Greetings from Crazyville, he has found a place for all of that to go.


The Greetings from Crazyville Pledge:

“If it’s stupid, and makes us laugh, we are willing to give it a try. And never, EVER any puppies or kittens in baskets.”


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